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May 8, 2013

Phase I – SOARRING Native American Village

On Saturday, May 4, Midwest SOARRING Foundation organized another work day on the grounds of the Native American Center. More work days are scheduled, as the organization prepares for the construction of the Native American longhouse. On April 27, 2013 a combined force of forty-three volunteers- – including Comcast employees and Midwest SOARRING Foundation members– finished phase I of the grounds preparation for the Native American village concept.

Volunteer Work day at MSF Culutural Center

Volunteer work day for Native American village grounds clean up.

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz, Founder and President of Midwest SOARRING Foundation, was elated with the success and generosity of Comcast. In addition to their time and committed work effort for Comcast Cares Day, Comcast donated volunteer t-shirts, breakfast, lunch, juice, water, soft drinks, trash bags, work gloves, dirt and grass seed.

The day began with a traditional Native American blessing for our Mother Earth and for all who attended. The volunteer efforts included

  • moving of a very large hardwood mulch pile to the village area,
  • transporting cinder blocks and other materials away from the work area,
  • filling in several large holes from trees that had fallen,
  • and cleanup of the parking area, five acres of land, and gardens surrounding the cultural center.

Midwest SOARRING Foundation was honored to have Sharisse Sheridan of Comcast light the village fire for the day.  The foundation was also privileged to host a raffle for all of the volunteers who participated.  Schranz said,

“I am happy that we have formed this relationship between Comcast and Midwest SOARRING Foundation in our efforts to promote awareness of Native American culture. We all need to work together to protect and conserve our environment, for now and for future generations.”

On Saturday, May 4, MSF had another work day on the grounds of our Native American Center. More work days are scheduled, as we prepare for the construction of our longhouse.

Future Work Days

Additional MAY work days are as follows:

  • Sat. May 11th, 10am-2pm
  • Thurs. May 16th, 10am-2pm
  • Sat. May 18th, 10am-2pm
  • Thurs. May 23 10am-2pm

For further information call (773) 585-8613.




Aanii Boozhoo

Midwest SOARRING Foundation invites all people to gather into an ever-increasing wider circle that preserves Mother Earth, and the rich traditions of the ancestors. We invite you to learn about the many intertribal Native American lifeways that provide wisdom and direction in our contemporary world. In keeping with this path, Midwest SOARRING Foundation works to maintain the traditions of the ancestors and to conserve and restore to health the natural environment.

We invite you to join our circle. Dance at our pow wows. Attend our cultural events and support the bison herd-our nation's greatest herbivore and symbol of hope and survival for all people. As you listen, you will learn. Together we become the Spirit of the ancestors.

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz

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