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December 7, 2012

Eagle Scout Project Assists SOARRING

On the grounds of the Midwest SOARRING Foundation Cultural Center a work shed and cabin built in the early 1940’s had fallen into disrepair.

Original 1940s cabin on MSF Cultural Center grounds

In 1946 the original property owners saved enough money to build the house which now serves as the headquarters for Midwest SOARRING Foundation.

Meanwhile, the shed and cabin eventually caved in from fallen tree limbs and disuse over the years.

In the spring of 2012 Joseph Standing Bear Schranz, President and Founder of Midwest SOARRING Foundation, had a vision to create an authentic Native village on the site. In order to do this the debris had to be removed and the ground mulched. Over a series of three weekends in October 2012,  Boy Scout Troop 216 and Midwest SOARRING Foundation volunteers worked tirelessly to clear the area, mulch the ground, and build a large fire pit.

A ten yard dumpster was filled with refuse from the site several times, while a large truck hauled away scrap metal. A landscaper friend of the organization donated the use of his bobcat for an afternoon so that the ground could be smoothed and graded. Five yards of topsoil was added. This was followed by a thorough pickup of glass and debris.

Zurowski Family

Chris Zurowski from Troop 216 raised $1,080 to purchase oak mulch which was delivered by a forty foot semi truck. On the third Sunday in October, a massive effort by Troop 216 and Midwest SOARRING Foundation volunteers involved carting and spreading many, many, wheelbarrows of mulch on the site. This was followed by the building of a large community fire pit.

Midwest SOARRING Foundation has offered to host Chris Zurowski’s Eagle Scout ceremony on the grounds, depending on the weather and time of year.

“I would personally like to thank Chris Zurowski, his parents and family, Troop 216 and all the volunteers for their hard work and persistence on this huge project.”

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz
President & Founder
Midwest SOARRING Foundation


Aanii Boozhoo

Midwest SOARRING Foundation invites all people to gather into an ever-increasing wider circle that preserves Mother Earth, and the rich traditions of the ancestors. We invite you to learn about the many intertribal Native American lifeways that provide wisdom and direction in our contemporary world. In keeping with this path, Midwest SOARRING Foundation works to maintain the traditions of the ancestors and to conserve and restore to health the natural environment.

We invite you to join our circle. Dance at our pow wows. Attend our cultural events and support the bison herd-our nation's greatest herbivore and symbol of hope and survival for all people. As you listen, you will learn. Together we become the Spirit of the ancestors.

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz

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