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Midwest SOARRING Foundation works to honor Mother Earth. Our resources are precious to us and all creation. We have evolved into a throw-away and destructive society.

What is happening to our resources?

What is happening to our Mother?

Will we realize our mistakes when it is too late? Now is the time to recycle. Now is the time to use alternative energy choices. Now is the time to protect our resources. Now is the time to protect creation.

The trees, they talk. Can you hear them?

The four-leggeds, wingeds and those that swim, they talk too. Do you hear them? Why not?

Open yourself up to hear. Listen. Respect. Once you do, you will understand our Mother and creation. You will change.

Our mission statement states that SOARRING will take part in environmental issues. Our knowlege will lead us to think and act in a way that we will remember to do things with the next seven generations in mind. Our belief is to educate about our Mother and how we are no better than any other part of creation. We need to know the responsibility we have to respect and care for our Mother.

Our current issues include:

While showing a friend from the Arctic around town, we found out that she did not know what a land-fill was. The Gwich'in live in traditional ways; only take what is needed and use it to its fullest, completely. They don't have landfills there. They don't belong to the throw-away generation. We need to go back to living this way.


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