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Midwest SOARRING (Save Our Ancestors Remains & Resources Indigenous Network Group) Foundation was formed in November 1996. Our mission is to offer assistance, when asked, as a facilitator to the tribes regarding repatriation concerns, to educate the public about various American Indian cultural issues, environmental issues, and to build community among all people. We work to broaden the knowledge of native plants and their uses, and to build a network of knowledge about plants and seeds among different Nations. The foundation is also working toward building a re-created working village where members, friends and visitors can enjoy a sampling of our rich heritage

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Members are an invaluable source of strength, building the circle of support in an ever-wider embrace. We invite you into our circle and look toward a future with dignity. You may pay for your membership online below (Annual Membership Dues) or mail in a check to Midwest SOARRING Foundation, P.O. Box 275, Lyons, IL 60534.

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Paid membership entitles you to a membership card with discounts to Midwest SOARRING Foundation events, invitations to special events, and opportunities to work on active committees, one vote per membership at the annual Member's Meeting, and discounts on SOARRING sponsored events. To keep appraised of the latest news and events related to Midwest SOARRING Foundation, please join our mailing list.

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