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How can you help?

Midwest SOARRING Foundation and all its good works and programs are made possible by the time and dedication of its many volunteers. We ask you to join us by helping in one of the areas listed below.

Cultural Center

Our cultural center needs volunteers during office hours for office work, gardening and grounds upkeep, and indoor cleaning. Please email Janet Sevilla janet@midwestsoarring.org.


Wings is the official newsletter of the Midwest SOARRING Foundation. The newsletter is written and published on an all volunteer basis. Due to over extending of our programs and ultimately our time, we have decided to try and publish this newsletter at least twice a year. We would like to see the newsletter being published at least 4 times a year, but need a team of volunteers to make this happen. If you are interested in working on this project please email: janet@midwestsoarring.org.

Special Events

This committee will work on our special events we hold, including speakers, cultural workshops, and setting up the SOARRING table at different events, etc. This group will see each event the whole way through from start to finish. This committee is important bringing education of the Native American Culture and bringing awareness of Midwest SOARRING Foundation to the general public. To help in this area email: Janet@midwestsoarring.org.


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